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Your NDIS Plan Management experts

At Complete Money Management our aim is to take the stress out of managing your plan and provide you with the advice you need to best navigate the NDIS system and get the most out of your plan.

What is plan management

Under the NDIS system there are three ways you can manage your plan – NDIA managed, plan managed or self managed.

In general a plan manager processes your NDIS invoices and payments for the supports/services you require. This service doesn’t cost you and is included in your plan through the capacity building ‘Improved Life Choices’ budget. If your plan doesn’t have a budget for this area allocated initially, it is easy to have this added at any time so you can be plan managed.

Why plan managed with Complete Money Management is advantageous

  • Prompt payment of Providers – We recognise how important it is to have your NDIS invoices reliably paid on time. We’ll work with you and your registered and unregistered service providers to make sure payments are prompt and accurate so you can rely on your providers to perform the services you require.
  • Freedom to choose registered or non registered providers – with plan management you have the choice to select the providers you want to use, they don’t have to be registered with the NDIA
  • Record keeping and statements so you can maximise your plans funding – We provide you with accurate reporting so you can monitor your plans remaining funding and forecast future needs.
  • Personalised support – We offer expert advice on navigating the NDIS and are here to help you with your plan. We check in with your regularly to ensure you are maximising your plan.
  • Support with connecting you with providers – we partner with other NDIS providers to offer

NDIS Access Form

If you are new to the NDIS system or not sure if you qualify there is more information available on the government website or you can call our friendly team for some advice.

If you believe you qualify all you need to do is complete an Access Request form below. If you need help navigating this form our team is on hand to help you with this.

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