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Early Childhood Early Intervention

What is ECEI

ECEI is how the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support to children under 7 years’ old.  (From 1 July 2023 there is a 2 year reset plan in which the age of eligibility is moving from 7 to 9 with children aged 7 and 8 requiring a diagnosis to remain in the ECEI program.

One of the main goals of ECEI is to enable children with a disability or developmental delay to develop their skills and take part in day-to-day activities. By providing this support as early as possible in a child’s life. The ECEI program aims to minimise the amount of complex supports they may require when they grow up.



Who's Eligible for ECEI

A child aged between 0-7 who have a disability or developmental delays they maybe eligible for ECEI. A formal diagnosis initially isn’t required to access the program. Under the newly implemented reset process children can access this until the age of 9 if they have a disability, or until 7 based on a developmental delay. To access the ECEI program you will most likely need to connect with an Early Childhood Partner. Potentially only requiring written statements from people close to your child, like teachers, family, or carers, are usually enough to highlight why ECEI would be good for them.

One method used is for this is the Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence (ABC) Model. This is commonly used in child psychology as a way of examining patterns of behaviour. It involves writing down the event or situation that triggered a certain behaviour (the Antecedent), what that behaviour was (the Behaviour), and the positive or negative consequences of that behaviour (the Consequences). Using the ABC Model should help show why your child would benefit from ECEI.

How It Works

Like the NDIS, ECEI aims to give you choice and control over the support your child receives. This funding is then used to access supports from providers you feel are best suited to your child.

The amount of funding they receive – and what it can be spent on – will depend on their individual situation. This includes things like your child’s support needs, the informal network (such as family) they have around them, and the goals they want to achieve with the support of ECEI.

These key details are all recorded in what’s called an ECEI Plan. This document provides an overview of your child’s ECEI journey. How much budget they’ve been given, and the type of supports they can access with that budget.  

What if my child doesn't meet the criteria

If your Child has turned 6 years of age and has not already qualified for the ECEI program and has no diagnosed disability or is over 9 years of age you may still qualify for the NDIS.

You will need to obtain all relevant specialist information and compile an Access request form for submission to the NDIS.  They will then access your circumstances and provide a response.