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How to endorse your NDIS Providers

How to endorse providers

How to Endorse your Providers under PACE

Since October 2023 the NDIS has been updating there system to the new PACE system. With this all new plans from the end of February 2024 will be issued in PACE and all expiring plans will move across to PACE as they are renewed. This transition is expected to take up to 18 months to complete. This transition bring about an end to the requirement of having service bookings and now a participant is required to endorse their providers. In this article we will discuss how to endorse your NDIS providers.

What is ‘endorsing’ a provider

Under the New Pace system certain providers are required to be endorsed in order to work with you and streamline the payment process.

You will see in the new online PACE system, there is a ‘My Providers’ section. This section is a list of the providers that you typically work with and access your plan details. For example, a Plan Manager, Support Coordinator, or providers that needs to access agency managed funds in your plan.

Endorsing your providers by adding them to the list, enables them to get paid faster as the NDIS recognises them having a business relationship with you.

To have providers in PACE they need to be manually endorsed by you or with the assistance of your LAC, Planner or the NDIS.

What Providers do I need to endorse?

If your NDIS plan is on PACE, the NDIA requires participants to record the following, as ‘my providers’:

    • plan managers
    • support coordinators
    • recovery coaches
    • behaviour support practitioners
    • specialist disability accommodation
    • home and living supports
    • agency managed reports

How to endorse my providers?

To record Complete Money Management as one of ‘my providers’, just follow these steps:

    1. Make sure the details you have for Complete Money Management is correct, including our NDIS number, which is 4050110459.
  1. Talk to your Planner or Local Area Coordinator at any time – or get in touch with the NDIS national contact centre on 1800 800 110 to let them know your choices. You can also share your choices at your planning meeting, plan implementation meeting, or during a check-in.

If you are wanting to endorse another service provider you would follow the same steps, obtain their business name and registration details, then provide this information to your LAC, Planner or call the NDIS number with the details.

If you require assistance with this process give our friendly team a call on 1300 161 489

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