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NDIS Invoice Template

NDIS Tax invoice requirements

NDIS Tax Invoice Requirements

Your NDIS Tax invoice requirements are fairly simple to complete. After you or your business have provided a service to a participant to get paid for your services you need to complete a tax invoice and submit this to either the participant, plan manager or NDIA. To provide a correct NDIS tax invoice when claiming funds from a plan, a provider needs to ensure their invoices are compliant under both the NDIS rules and Australian taxation office.

Invoices should contain:

  1. A unique invoice number for the provider.
  2. provider’s NDIS business name
  3. provider’s ABN
  4. providers contact details
  5. participant’s name and NDIS number
  6. support item number listed in the NDIS Support Catalogue (this isn’t mandatory but ensures your invoice is claimed from the intended category)
  7. amount and quantity claimed for each unit of the support provided for example, $51.09 each x 2 units
  8. date(s) the support(s) was delivered
  9. total invoice amount
  10. GST component if applicable (most services are GST free).


  • an invoice can only be for one participant, but can include multiple supports
More information and examples can be found on the ATO website.

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